Anti Aging
Dr. Q Age Reverse Ampoules
Price: 28.000 KD

Active Ingredients:

Aqua (Water), Butylene Glycol, Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract,

Alteromonas Ferment Extract, Chrysanthellum Indicum Extract, Niacinamide, Dipotassium Glycrrhizinate, Panthenol, Methylparaben. (Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen)


Method of Use:

3-5 times daily

Can be used on face, neck, decolte, & hands.

  • Immediate & prolonged Filling & Botox like effect as it promotes soft,smooth, & firm skin.
  • Prevents dryness of the skin & hydrates the epidermis
  • Reduces the depth of wrinkles on the face caused by the contraction of muscles of facial expressions. Effectively inhibit the development of wrinkles, reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkle.
  • Helps the to skin retain water, preventing cutaneous dryness.

It will give you younger-looking beautiful skin


can be safely applied before make up, before sunscreen, and after every time you wash your face

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