Dr. Q was concieved by A team of highly qualified physicians lead by Dr Kanal Al-Sayegh herself, whom has spent over 30 years of her life creating cosmetics specifically designed to treat and diminish all skin flaws.  This resulted in revolutionary lines of cosmetic products under the Brand of  Dr. Q and K-Secrets. These include high quality sunscreens with SPF 100 for full skin protection against very high Ultraviolet irradiation, Post Laser Sunscreen, Kids Sunscreen and other versions with whitening and bronze tint. Next to that is a totally innovative line of hair products including Volumizing shampoo, conditioner, hair tonic for hair loss and hair revitalizing shampoo .

Our mission is to create topical skincare products and dietary supplements that transform lives through The Science of Cellular Water  , the world's most comprehensive approaach to understand health and aging.  Because the science of cellular water looks at the ability of cell membrances to hold water within cells as the fundamental marker of youthful good health , Dr. Q  products are designed to begin transformation of skin health and appearance at the cellular level.  

Dr. Q products are an expression of a comprehensive three pillard approach to care that we call Inclusive Health . Topical Care is provided through our advanced topical treatments; Internal Care  is provided through powerful Internal Skincare dietary supplements, while Emotional Self-care  is provided through the healing power of touch and the support of friends, family and community.  By creating the ideal environment in each of these realms , we can renew vitality, reverse the signs of aging and undo the damage done by enviromental assault, cultural stress and hormonal defecits.  

From pomegrantes to durian, Dr. Q gives special consideration to natural ehnobotanical ingredients that have traditionally been used to enhance health and wellness.  Because we are committed to being first to market with ingredients and technologies that yirls real results, year after year our products take skincare to the next level - where transformation is not just possible - it's visible...

Dr. Q Age Reverse Ampoules
Dr. Q Age Reverse Essence
Dr. Q Age Reverse Eye
Dr. Q Age Reverse Cream
Dr.Q Anti Dandruff Shampoo
Dr. Q Hair Tonic
Dr. Q Hair Conditioner
Dr. Q Hair Tonic Ampoules
Dr. Q Hair Repair Shampoo
Dr. Q Fast'N Last Volumizing Hair Shampoo
Dr. Q Revitalizing Shampoo
No Bruise No Blues
Dr. Q Post Laser Sunscreen
DR. Q Kids Sunscreen
Dr. Q Dark Bronze Tinted Sunscreen
Dr. Q Light Bronze Tinted Sunscreen
Dr. Q Oil Free Sunscreen
Dr. Q Whitening Sun Screen
Dr. Q La Visage Sunscreen
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